Silicone Drinking Straws Pack
Silicone Drinking Straws Pack

Silicone Drinking Straws Pack

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The straws are made from soft silicone and will stay at room temperature even if the drink you are consuming is piping hot.

It is thin enough to fit through the slit of a coffee cup. Also flexible enough to fold up into any carrying bags for ease of carrying around.

This straw is also dishwasher-safe and comes with a pipe cleaner to scrub out the insides.

Most importantly, silicone is durable and lasts forever, but should you decide to throw it away, it can burnt by trash collectors and turned into 100 percent biodegradable ash.

Package Options Includes:

6 straight silicone straws + 1 straw cleaning brush

12 straight silicone straws + 2 straw cleaning brushes

18 straight silicone straws + 3 straw cleaning brushes


Dimensions: 20cm